This application is a real estate back office management application which brokers can manage all the real estate office with portfolios and users and receive all necessary reports. It can work on web and mobile devices. With this product brokers also can have and manage their custom designed real estate web site.

Office Management

In this section, office profile is created and office information is entered. Office informations can be listed and editing.




User Management

Users can be added according to their auth levels. These auth levels are




Broker Assistant and Accounting.


Portfolio Management

It is the module where the consultants will do their portfolio work. Users can add housing, workplace, land, condominium, building and tourist facility portfolio by category options. Detailed filtering can be done between portfolios.

In addition, it is possible to add incoming calls to notes and change portfolio consultant or transfer portfolios between consultants.




Customer Management

This module is related customer resource management. Users can add customer name, surname, gender, email, mobile phone, age range, customer type (Buyer, Seller, Investor) and customer segmentation options. Also they can list customers and search by customer name.





Customer Demand Management

Customer Demands can be added according to the real estate category, price range, square meters range and address information. These informations can also be listed, detailed searched, edited and deleted. With these informations, users can match customer demands with portfolios.




Demand – Portfolio Matching

This module lists the results of matching between portfolios and demands. In this way, users can easily access the portfolios that meet customer needs.







In this module, users can get  detailed reports which is listed below from the application.

  • Productivity Report,
  • Portfolio Distribution Report,
  • Closure by portfolio type,
  • Detailed portfolio closure list,
  • Non-portfolio closure list,
  • Total Turnover Report,
  • Transaction – Turnover Reports,
  • Person Based Reporting,
  • Customer Reports