Since the past, real estate needs of people, both as investors and as buyers or sellers, have always been on the agenda and an important issue. With the development of internet technologies, property listing sites have been used to meet this need. Thus, property seekers can now look at the property they have dreamed of, wherever they want, regardless of location and time. In addition, by filtering from among the many properties, they reach the target by contacting the person or real estate office from the related owner and saving time and effort.

www.emlakbuluyoruz.com is a property listing web site which is established in 2009. Real estate professionals and home owners can easily add their listings to the web site, and real estate seekers can easily find their needs in Turkey. Our property listing site offers properties in the category of apartment for sale to enable visitors to have a dream home, and exhibits the properties listed in the rented apartment for those who prefer rental.

Businessmen, entrepreneurs or those who make plans to expand their business can make searches in the workplace lists and evaluate the opportunities available for their jobs in this property listing web site. In addition, there are lots of valuable land properties in emlakbuluyoruz.com which attract the attention of land investors.

On this website, members can easily add real estate ads to their neighborhood, street and boulevard locations. In this way, users who search on the site can find and review the real estates by using both the list and map view in the locations they want.

One of the prominent differences of emlakbuluyoruz.com website is the real estate ads of the site have the geographical and cultural characteristics of their region. For example; You can list the type of summer houses in the coastal areas.



Real Estate Professionals

The real estate consultant, who will provide you with the right decision in the process of meeting your real estate needs, has a great role. A real estate agent must firstly give you confidence and be sincere. The real estate consultant should be a well-informed consultant who is knowledgeable about the region in which he works, who takes care of your needs and makes notes and then analyzes and informs you about the existing portfolios. So it will lead you to the right conclusion.

-Professional and regional expertise

-Smiling face and sincerity

-Reporting and tracking accuracy

According to these criterias, emlakbuluyoruz.com, which provides the evaluation of the real estate agents by the site visitors, is leading the way in improving the quality of the real estate sector.